Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The People Who Make Me Smile!

Hey its Josh!
And I just wanted to let you know of some people who are just absolutely the nicest people!!!

Ok number 1 of 3 is my sister! I love her inspiration, and her kindness towards me and other people! She always picks me up when I feel down, and she never gives up on me... Even when I difficult! Thanks Tab! :)
Next is my sister's friend Rhonda. She is sooooo nice from what I hear, and I know she's trying to scrapbook, but she steps into the room, and steps out! :D But I have faith she'll finally sit down and do another page! I've seen her first page and its EXCELLENT!!

And last is The Scrapoholic. I was searching through her blog for ideas and I found links to our blog here to my tutorials! I was sooooo shocked to actually see my tutorials being passed around! She is such a great person! She also helped figure out our blog had been blocking comments for like a week!!! :) So thank you The Scrapoholic!!!!!

And to all of you reading and checking out our blog, THANKS TO YOU TOO!!!! :)

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  1. Josh, you're right, Tab is inspirational. She is the one encouraging me to start scrapping (because I only scrap shop). And you both make me smile. I am engulfed in your blog and videos because I really want to create beautiful layouts like you two do.

    I am now following thescrapoholic, too.